Poetic Art


June 10, 2018

You are Unique. You are Special..
Sit up straight queen, adjust your crown and let it lay gracefully on your head, you are Fearfully and Wonderfully made!
The sun may not shine brightly in all your days queen, storm and cloud is bound to set in, some days darker than most…Heaven knows your predicament!
Let your heart keep away from Anger queen, it does more harm than good; focus not on outwardly getting, more so on your inner peace, knowing in you, beyond a shadow of doubt, that light shall come!
Don’t be shaken with the worldly ways queen, your crown might fall off..lest you are mistaken for a servant whilst kneeling in search for it.
Sit up straight queen, your crown is a symbol of courage, of grace, of overcoming, of character, of moving past your fear, of higher standards.
Your King shall come, and as he gracefully walks towards you, all pain, all fear melts away and everything finally makes clear glass sence.
Amidst all this let him meet your standards first, standards queen, not walls, not attitude..there is a difference!
For a true King knows a queen the moment his gaze meets her soul.
He is to his queen, what the Almighty is to the church, a boundless Love, a Teacher, a Protector, cleansing her with word and presenting her to himself, radiant, without stain or wrinkle but holy and blameless!!
Queen…Own Your Highness!!

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