Words of Valour

Hey Good man!

April 19, 2017

Hey Good man,

I see you, as faint and as endangered your specie is, you still exist. Your very presence speaks security, not a bone in your body would walk down judgment lane or run when the going gets tough. The surety of your staying is without doubt, no situation or crisis would alter that fact. Your affection never wavers, no wonder trusting you is such an easy price to pay.

Hey Good man,

So much warmth comes from within you. Makes me delight in whatever is always prepared in you, what recipe, flavor, spice is your secret? Your words are never a mockery of feelings, an insult to bodies or belittling of abilities. No malice or sarcastic remarks anywhere close to your tongue. You marinade in love and light allowing a sweet serenade of forever to flow ever so gently.

Hey Good man,

It’s amazing how effort is never compromised with you. How easy you make ‘who texts first’ trivial. The anxiety of not to seem too interested, insignificant. Your eyes are guarded almost as though plastered with an image from your mind of whom you are certain you want. In your heart there is a place for only ONE, none other will ever be worthy a title ‘superwoman’, not in words, not in writing, not even as a joke. What manner of a doctor are you to help heal so tenderly, picking up fragmented pieces of a heart by loving with your whole heart.

Hey Good man,

I like that you hold a single version of you, not switch to a different one with every audience you receive. There is not a moment in your agenda for mind games, uncertainty of who you are or indecision. Your words are never vague, your actions follow to confirm them, your promises are certain. You forgive because you were first forgiven. You took your time to heal before you could ever spill the hurt you experienced unto another. Maybe that’s why your humor is such a breath of fresh air!

Hey Good man,

It is so darn attractive to know of your convictions. That in your imperfections by reason of simply being man, there is a higher power that deep down convicts you first before and above us all. It is that which you follow, that whom you answer to, that you can never afford not to be right with. How captivating is it to know you understand by word and deed what it takes for your prayers never to be hindered. How easy is it to submit to you!

Hey Good man, I appreciate you!

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