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The Hidden Status.

March 21, 2017

There is a privacy setting on whatsApp that allows a user to hide their last seen time status, and so, it would appear empty when a hidden fellow is not on the App and only ‘online’ when one is available. Well, the continuance of such a play reminds me of a story I once came across, almost as though a non technological portray of the setting.  One mischievous man with a daughter he would send to tell a visitor he did not like visiting his house that he was not home. The little girl runs to the door, innocently blurts out, dad says he is not home!

Perhaps the most baffling of thoughts would be; why would one want to keep people they honored with a title ‘friend’, yet feel the need to have to hide from? Somewhere along this life, the path of this mischievous man and his visitor crossed, after a fine conversation I assume, they saw it fit to exchange home addresses and went ahead to allow, even encourage such. Alas! When one showed up, the other went into hiding…

In a bizarre move, this mischievous man clearly going into some sort of a frustrated stupor is consumed with a myriad of emotions, a concoction of worry, guilt and fear. He thinks to himself, ‘what if the same is done to me, is there anyone out there that genuinely cares, that would be there for me?’ Amidst these thoughts, as thought jolted by their intensity, he quickly walks to his window and starts waving to the ‘others’ whom in his twisted logic, he labeled as more appropriate visitors who are worthy of his time, yet deep down it is all but  a cry of acceptance from within. The previous visitor wretched by the response and who is now silently walking away in deep conflicting thoughts is also amongst those in view of his now public appearance. The visitor clearly gutted, is left wondering which among the three choices he should take. Should he rush home to his house and just hide, act the very same way he was treated if only to ease the feeling of not being desired. That if somehow he held and used the very stick that was used to punish him, he would somewhat bring back some atmosphere of being in control. The other alternative  would be to go back to the man’s house and ask why he hid from him yet he very visibly was at home. Sigh..a common one no? Right about that time when one goes ballistic for an unanswered text when the receiver was just online. A fine friend of mine once nonchalantly described this as ‘ku catch feeling’ hmm. If you are in tune with this flow, you will by now have gotten the homogenous similarity portrayed between the tech hiding and real life actions. Nonetheless, the last option the visitor understands to have is a higher road of responsibility.

Oh but darling, the road of responsibility is definitely not an easy road to take. This road suggests a self assessment and cuts off the ever popular blame game. It suggests that one is never affected by the exterior ‘things’ around them, only the view one has of them. It suggests that no one has the ability to influence ones internal environment unless one allows it, and so avoiding someone with an  excuse that it may improve how you feel is merely a cover up of a completely different internal battle all together. The road of responsibility ensures that you find big mirrors along your way offering stark clarity of self, a reflection you might not be very fond of. You will see on your skin deep wounds that will require an antidote of forgiveness, a dressing of compassion and stitches of self-love. It commands deeper inquisition to find an evident pattern. A realization that such conduct attracts people into ones lives that perfectly fit one’s brokenness, and that these are the exact places one needs to heal and grow.

I cannot help wonder how different the life of this mischievous man would be, if he found some form of activity, a useful play he genuinely took pleasure in, that which was uniquely crafted for him, his purpose. What if that ‘play’ was a small vegetable garden he cared for outside his home. His mind, body, soul and all his energy directed to growing, nurturing and safekeeping this garden. As it begins to bloom, not only does it become a healthy supplement to his family, it becomes a clear message to those that would visit. They will now find him right in front of his house perfecting his garden, clearly not hidden. Without having to speak, a clear message of less indulgence on any form of mediocrity or dwelling in trivialities is sent forth. This time, how beautiful would it be if the visitor decided to go seek their own ‘play’ , this time every choice one makes as a result of the experience is beautiful Selah…This time going to do as done unto you is graceful and paramount Selah…

 ‘You are the light of the world; a city that is set on the hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house’ – Mathew 5: 14,15.

Suddenly a blunt realization descends…He hid because he was empty, he lacked understanding of the magnitude of a message within self, or if he did, he was yet to do anything about it. One with a message is like light that can never be kept under a blanket, the last thing one does would be hiding. One with a message is on a mission, and is of clear understanding of how valuable their time and energy is. Where is that time to juggle mediocrity?

When his fruits and vegetables from the beautiful garden outside his house ripe, he would carry those and show to the world, allow them a taste of his beautiful craft. To feed, to heal and for the value of his service a worthy return on investment. He will run towards people, not away!

Whosoever has eyes, let him see…Whoever has ears, let him hear!

Shema..Let Your Light Shine!

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  • Reply Francis Stephen June 7, 2018 at 1:22 pm

    This is so beautiful and I will love to read more and more.
    Thank you for taking your time to write this.

    • Reply Joy June 11, 2018 at 11:10 am

      Thank you for reading Francis.

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