Words of Valour

My Future Daughter..

February 26, 2017
You my darling, are beautiful, do not let no hell bent heart tell you otherwise, I want you to know that from within. Yet if it is the only thing that these boys tell you, nothing more of substance..it is not enough.
Don’t miss out on the Physical Exercises in school, go for those sports activities, it doesn’t matter if you can’t run the fastest, be in that debate team, raise your hand if you know the answer to a question, don’t worry if its incorrect, school is not just about books and class rooms, i promise you, you will learn so much more out of class. When its midnight and you have an exam in the morning, and your hands are trembling and you are not sure if you want to be alive any more, close the books, switch off the lights and think of the beautiful times you had last Christmas at your Grandpa’s, the beautiful banana trees you ran around with your cousins, close your eyes and go to sleep. So what if you score a little less that one time, your mental health is far more important.
You need not follow in my footsteps, go beyond, fly above, to your best self only you know how. And somewhere along the way when you need to take that risk for the passion you have from within, let no one tell you that you can not, that it is far fetched, that it is too much, that there is no time, i want you to know you  have all that it takes to get to where your heart longs.
The only status that matters is humanity, no body is superior, no one is inferior, people are simply unique and everyone, i mean everyone has a potential to contribute to this life. What is yours will always be for you, if you seek, you will find. So my darling relax, let no one worry you with what more they have over you materially, it is more important that you first seek God, peace of mind, self realization and your purpose, that when all these others come ( as it will) they will be of greater meaning.
 One day, a boy will come. His words will be strawberry sweet, you will spend countless hours on the phone, his touch magical. He will make you forget everything and everyone, it will be you two against the world. When he leaves, you will want to die. If you know anything at all, i want you to know that the feeling is only temporary. That, that which is for you, will always be for you, that it will always find its way back to you, if it does not, then it never was yours to begin with.
I pray you understand that you are the ‘Prize’, that you are to be found, and never made an option. May you never feel a need to audition before a boy, or be with one that subtly asks you to, because then you would have thrown yourself into mud of meaningless competition with those that have lost their crown, you my daughter are a princess, made to be a queen, concern not your mind with such, focus on your personal growth with your father in heaven, your purpose, chase your dreams relentlessly. Love yourself unapologetically,  for a king has a clear sight of what he wants, and will always seek, find and keep!
My darling daughter, do not confuse Love for Lust. Love will not ask you to do what your father or I have asked otherwise, love will not keep you from your friends or family but build a better relationship with, love will not hit or harm you physically but keep you safe and protect you. Love will not chock your talents and dreams but magnify them and nature their growth. Love will not want your body for only an amusement of an evening but will be patient to have you for keeps. Wait on this love darling.
Be weary of people treading your spirit, most are simply hurt and lost themselves. Guard your heart, it is your most priced possession, allow into it only the word of the most high. When all this and life makes little sense (as it will from time to time), it is alright, please know that beyond your father and I, is a gentle teacher, who hears your heart, do not hesitate a conversation with him.
All My Love.

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