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Its A New Dawn!

February 26, 2017
Well what do you know… I’m finally putting my thoughts down for the world to ponder!!
So here we go, Firm Beginnings, this name just popped into my mind as i thought of what to name this page, and it couldn’t be more appropriate, more meaningful more worthy..
You see, I’m a firm believer of fresh starts, in all aspects of Life and Love, ..I’m smiling!
Regardless of where you have been, how far along, or how deep the path to where you are at in life, this world has never fallen short of an allowance to a new firmer (if you choose) beginning. Hey, i testify to that!
A friend of mine once told me, sometimes you really cannot know what you are made of, where your strength lies, that hidden talent you never saw useful, until you are broken, lost and dependent of none but a higher power…
That person which you build all over again, a product built when you have absolutely nothing else to loose as all is, that is a product of  a very humble, pure, uncontaminated, uninfluenced and the best original version of yourself built on solid grounds.
And you know what, that right there, that original you, is what you ever needed to fly!
So there you go, my very first shared loud thinking, on this platform at least. If i will have made any success of this, it will be when one person out there finds strength to start over, to continue in their journey of originality, and to make their beginning firmer than ever before!
All My Love.

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