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Here and Now..

February 26, 2017

I read a beautiful realization from a wise man once, that whether we know it or not, we cannot be anywhere else but here and now. This moment right now, is all we have, all we are certain of. That we are given only one moment at a time…oh but how we waste the precious ‘now’, planning and worrying about what is to come when in fact what comes is always here and now. The future, pregnant as is, we are clueless of what it births, even then, it forever remains as the future.

It is amazing how we always have it clenched into our minds that we just might ease a suffering of the future by a panic of the now and so we end up only floating over the now, running, properly confused! When truly its the complete opposite, a worth while ‘here and now’ makes all the difference.

 Right now is a smile from a stranger, whose moment when lived, a friendship is created that might lead to a biggest business connection. Will you stop and smile back or are you too busy, occupied thinking about your future? Right now is a kind gesture that just might save a life. Are you present and conscious in this moment, for this blessing?  Right now is a girl you have always prayed for looking back at you saying ‘we will be fine’. Will you trust the now, work a day at a time, live in the moment, or allow the fear of what you think the future might be consume you and run? Right now is a man that hands over his heart with one hand and holds the world for you with the other, will you accept his heart first or create your make belief future and what you think you need, leave this one and chase the man that hands over material but holds a knife with the other hand? 

Stop and smell the roses, notice and marvel at the beauty and magnificence of the present and the now, put in the time to actually be present in your child’s life, create actual memories for a moment in time. Tell that special person how much you love them, put on that dress you love, start the venture you have always dreamed of, touch, feel, listen to the music of your heart, be grateful for this moment, forgive, set your priorities straight, let important things remain important, here and now, this moment right here is all that is guaranteed.

All My Love.

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