Hi I’m Joy,

I majored in science, mastered in business and work for and with children (a proper concoction, I know)!

Mine is a story of self-discovery and a decision to firmly begin down a path that best explores my gifts and talents.

I finally understood why I had such long descriptions of scientific works or why my heart skipped with excitement on that literature class, when God gently whispered ‘write’.  So I pour my heart out through words in the areas I feel most compelled and passionate about. Life, Love and Purpose.

I am a firm believer that we are all gifted, that we all have a purpose to fulfil in an area that will utilize our gifts, that in pursuit of purpose we act in the most effective, efficient topped with Grace and Favor from The One that allowed us the very gifts in the first place.

Firmbeginnings is a community, a bank of words meant to inspire and encourage all those at a point of decision making to always walk in the direction of their gifts and talents.  It is a hand stretched out to those already down an ‘out of place’ path, it is a reminder that you can always firmly begin. Destiny Awaits!

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